Luis Francisco-Revilla is a Professor at the School of Information, which is in a different building many blocks apart from the CMA. We had a very active meeting with a conversation and demonstrations of multitouch tables, plans for the next multitouch walls project, and real-time video issues related to my RTiVISS ongoing research I had the opportunity to present him.

He also presented me Quinn Stewart, the SI Instructional Technology Specialist on the use of streaming media. I was amazed at the luxury resources for database and live video streaming optimized for video conferences – his detailed description it was really interesting and clear, and I got awere that there are better solutions than the free QuickTime Broadcaster, only the software costs $500… ok.
I was also happy to see the three cameras setup at the studio and the sustainable use of firewire cassette damaged cameras for optical capture :)

The SI is also great in resources for usability tests, it may be a possibility to consider later for tests on the RTiVISS online platform… :)

I met Luis Francisco-Revilla in Portugal as the workshop on writing proposals, together with Sharon Strover. He has three projects submitted in the UTA/FCT call;  I have an exploratory one, the “Playing with Fire” experience – let’s cross our fingers and wish for approval – results in March, is that it?

The School of Information is located in a repurposed business building, which is kind of weird at first sight: on the one side, you have the school dynamics, on the other a corporate environment makes you feel you’re already working in a business company… ;)


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