Nice encounter with Nancy Schiesari, as we managed to meet at the SXSW How to Create a Viral Video panel, that ended up with a surprising “surprise“…

Me, Paulo, Luís and Ana attended the Intro to Digital Documentary Production Workshop at FCSH in the scope of the Summer Institute 2009 – it was an extremely constructive experience, and it would be great to have the opportunity to continue into a post-introduction workshop some day :) Editing and directing are also areas to explore, and warmup exercises like cutting a trailer would be very interesting, too.
We also had the privilege to see her most recent documentary, Tatooed under Fire – beautiful and impressive, it’s awesome!

For the RTiVISS interactive installations proposals, Nancy suggested the project “Burning Man” – the movie, by Gone Off Deep, a documentary production company in Austin, is a striking reference to retain! The filmaker Robert Rodriguez, a UT Austin recent graduate ;), is also a reference to get back to – here’s his Spring Commencement speech.
Now fingers crossed for  the UTA/FCT call proposal for Playing with Fire approval – I’ll be looking forward to get in touch with her friend and son, who are fire dancers, in case the project is up and running!


One thought on ““Viral” refs meeting Nancy Schiesari @SXSW

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