Challenging constrains, “don’t play with fire” is the motto for this provoking experience, assuming both wild and innocent sides of a concoction of rebellion and protectionism.

Play with Fire is an exploratory project that proposes to engage the audience senses in unconventional ways, such as playing with virtual fires through gestural interaction. It is a performative, immersive ARTiVIS experience that invites people to interact with fire and real-time video from forests.This audiovisual setup is cross referenced with online data – videos, photos, news headlines – of the most recent forest fires of the covered area. By confronting real data on forest fires with forests real-time video, this approach contributes to explicit its dramatic potential, enhancing the emotional entanglement – “shouldn’t we actually act?”

We envisage the installation triggering controversial feelings by combining the “beauty and danger” of a forest on fire. This duality becomes part of the experience, and raises concerns in the audience mind, such as the pleasure and excitement of playing with fire versus its effects on a natural resource such as a forest. The experience concludes with visuals of a forest virtual regeneration process underlining the message: the forest will eventually grow again, but what is the price to pay?

The outcome of the “play with fire” experience can take two forms: immediately, as a final visual outline displaying data on what would have been the effective destructive consequences of the audience actions of playing with virtual fire. At a later stage, feedback to the audience will be given through images sent to a mobile device, visualizing the slow regeneration process of the (virtual) damaged forest, stimulating awareness and ultimately care.


+ info » http://playwithfire.artivis.net


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